Carving out the Time to Write

It’s not always easy to find time to write. Often there is this nagging voice inside your brain that says, you should be writing. Most of the time it is far too easy to ignore this voice but when NaNoWriMo comes around that tiny whisper morphs into a 90-decibel screech, YOU SHOULD BE WRITING!

So here I sit, in front of the laptop, basically wasting all kinds of time by checking email, browsing FB, and blog writing instead of adding to my Word Count. All the while that annoying metal on metal scraping sound, little girls screaming, fingernails on blackboard-take your pick-is there in the background, telling me what I already know, and I can’t ignore it for long. That is the whole point of doing NaNoWriMo. For this one month of the year, you have stepped up your commitment to make your writing happen. To hell with the housework, the usual TV fodder (that’s was recorders are for), the everyday diversions. This month you need to thrust the trivial and not so trivial things aside and put the writing first. So clear your home screen and open up Scrivener or Word or whatever else you are using and start typing. Get lost in your world. Get to know your MC. Create some problems and find your way out of them. At the end of the month you may or may not have a book, but you will have a habit of making writing a priority that, I hope, you don’t lose. You will have more of a book than you would have if you hadn’t tackled the self-torture known as NaNoWriMo. So enough procrastination. It’s time to get writing!





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